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Skills Development & Manpower Resources Inc.

Golden pyramid Skills Development and Manpower Resources, inc. was founded in 2006 initially as a training center for house-keeping, lodging and janitorial procedures. as a part of our earlier operations we helped deploy candidates, which almost exclusively were derived from our graduate pool of trainees. Our client have since then found value in the candidates that were hired through us. this in turn encouraged us to become a full service human resource team.

Since then we have been responding to the growing demand of various hotels and restaurants for skilled and trained staff. we strive continuously to find ways to improve our services to our candidates, employees and clients.

Acting as a bridge for candidates and employers to connect, through invaluable experience we have identified the appropriate necessities of both parties, resulting to a precise methodical hiring procedure. this allows us to match the most suitable candidates to the right jobs and employers.

We dedicated in managing skilled people as we accompany them towards achieving their future goals. at the same time, we value our clients tremendously by listening intently to their very need and responding immediately to any pressing concerns. we provide service to our clients from categories of housekeeping, food, and beverage, to custodial services. recently, we have developed our services by providing skilled staff for sales and marketing positions, executive administration, as well as retail and merchandizing personnel.

By consistently adapting to the global dynamic market, as well as understanding the shifting patterns od the labor industry, we strive to continually improve our service at every opportunity we find ourselves in. our aspiration is to educate ourselves not only with the latest recruitment procedures but also with efficient management systems. this allows us not only to recruit precisely according to your needs, but also to foster key relationship and retain trained personnel. often times the value of employee retention is overlooked, nonetheless, it has proven to be undeniable resource which may just be the key your organization needs.

We value our service, so we undertake the responsibility and discipline to provide our clients with the best solutions in our hiring methods. it is our mission to serve our candidates, staff and clients with unwavering commitment, efficiency and enthusiasm.

We envision creating an impact in the Philippine labor industry by recruiting highly skilled personnel and harnessing the potential of their career growth by investing fully n them. it is only when the objectives of employees and clients are aligned that we see sincere passion and quality work. this type of service is what we aim to deliver to you on a consistent basis.

We pride ourselves in fostering and maintaining relationships with our employees and our clients. we recognize the value of long term relationships which is why we are persistent at every turn to find solutions that will help you focus on what you love, growing your business.


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